Dear Students,
Please click on the links below to see your summer assignments for each of the AP classes you take.

Dear students and parents,

Please check the links below for summer reading assignments.

Middle School

Summer reading assignment–middle school

High School

Summer reading, high school

Students who did not meet satisfactory performance standards or were absent for one or more STAAR End of Course exam(s) are required to continue testing as mandated by state law.  Below is the schedule for the next testing opportunity. Please note, students who do not participate or are not successful in June, their next testing opportunity will be in December 2018.

All testing will take place at HSI-Sugar Land.  Please arrive at the check-in time specified above and enter through the front doors of the school.  Students must bring picture identification (school ID card, driver’s license, or state issued ID card) to the testing session.  Students are allowed to bring a quiet snack and a bottle of water. Cell phones will not be allowed in the testing rooms but can be stored at check-in with campus personnel.  Students may leave after completing their test.

Review packets were given to students to use in preparation for their test(s).  Links to the study guides are also posted below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email the campus testing coordinator at

Algebra I EOC Review

English I & English II EOC Review

US History EOC Review Guide

Biology EOC Tutorial Notes & Review red_Part1

Biology EOC Tutorial Notes & Review red_Part2

Biology EOC Tutorial Notes & Review red_Part3

Dear Parents & Students,

AP/Dual Credit Course Appeal Form is now posted on our website. All students wishing to appeal an AP/Dual course at HSI – Sugar Land must complete this form and submit it by Friday, June 8, 2017.
Please fill out this form if…
● You were not eligible for the Honors/AP course at the time of scheduling, but your final grade/test scores/teacher recommendations now qualify you and you want to take the higher level course.
● You were eligible for honors/AP all along but did not select the course at the time of scheduling for whatever reason.
● You are in the incorrect course level.
Subject to verification, students who meet the criteria and submit the AP/Dual Credit Course Appeal Form by June 8th MAY be granted a spot in the AP/Dual Credit course for which they now qualify. Students who meet the criteria for an AP/Dual Credit course but do not file the AP/Dual Credit Course Appeal Form by the deadline will NOT be guaranteed a spot in the class.
No AP/Dual Credit course (s) appeals will be considered after the June 8th deadline. Students will be notified whether or not their appeal has been granted by the end of June.

PLTW Summer Assignments

Officers of PTO Executive Committee have been elected! We welcome the new PTO Executive Committee!
President – Shanila Baig
Vice President – Crystal Hancock
Secretary – Jasmine Richardson
Treasurer – Lubna Jumshyd
Assistant Treasurer – Kevin Venison
Event Coordinator – Salma Akbar
Volunteer Coordinator – Nada Abbasey


Class of 2019 have elected the Senior Committee on Tuesday!
Here are the results;
President – Jamal Mkatte
Vice President – Tony Bandak
Second Vice President – Fehintola Babayola
Secretary – Zahrah Butler
Public Relations – Olawunmi Onile-Ere
Treasurer – David Laogun
Historian – Odinakachi Akuchie
Second Historian – Almedina Avdic
Congratulations to all the candidates and we wish success to our elected officers at their new positions!