HCAL Spectator Code of Conduct


Spectator/Student Code of Conduct


  • Remember that school athletics is a learning experience for students and that mistakes are sometimes made. Praise student-athletes in their attempt to improve themselves as students, as athletes, and as people, just as you would praise a student working in the classroom.
  • Remember that you are at the contest to show support for your team and to enjoy the skill and competition – not to intimidate or ridicule the other team or its fans.
  • A ticket is a privilege to observe the contest; you should not verbally assault others or be generally obnoxious.
  • Show respect for the opposing players, coaches, spectators and support groups.
  • Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials.
  • Recognize and show appreciation for an outstanding play by either team.
  • Learn the rules of the game, so that you may understand and appreciate why certain situations take place.
  • Use only cheers that support and uplift the teams involved.
  • Be a positive role model at events through your own actions and by censuring those around you whose behavior is unbecoming.


Dear Parents and Guardians,

We will have early dismissal on Friday, December 20th at 12:05 pm. All students must be picked up promptly, please make necessary arrangements.

Please note, we will not have after school clubs and activities next week December 16th – 21st.

Why is your Student Aid Report (SAR) so important?

Please SUBMIT 1st Page of your S.A.R. report by Next Wednesday, DECEMBER 11th!!!

HSI-Sugar Land College & Career Counseling team would like to help all our students with their FAFSA corrections individually. In order for us to help you out, we will need the 1ST PAGE of your Student Aid Report (SAR) to be uploaded through the ONLINE FORM  by next Wednesday, December 11, 2019, at 4:00 pm.If you have any questions or need any further help, please contact your assigned counselor.

Best Regards,

Mr. Ciftci

HSI-Sugar Land

Campus Head Counselor

Student Aid Report (SAR)

Your Student Aid Report (SAR) is a document that gives you basic information about your eligibility for federal financial aid. It also gives you a chance to review and correct the information listed on your FAFSA, if you need to.

Why is your SAR important?

It’s important to have an accurate SAR since your financial aid awards are based on the information listed on your report. Review it carefully with your family and compare the information listed to a copy of your FAFSA. The EFC listed on your student aid report will determine the amount of aid you’ll receive.

If you think any of the information on your report is incorrect, correct it by using the Information Review Form on the back of the SAR or by going to the official FAFSA website.