Dear Mustang Seniors and Parents/Guardians,

Do you plan to attend UH, UHD or NAU and looking for additional support and guidance from an experienced, successful and resourceful Harmony alumni college coach at your university. If your answer is yes, read the below email. We have an exciting program coming to your college campus next year.


As we all know, going to new places and meeting new people can be challenging and difficult at times. As you begin your new and exciting college journey, you may experience stress and anxiety while navigating your new life…and sometimes it can feel like you’re alone.


So don’t worry, Harmony’s got your back!


Transitioning to and through college can be tough…but Houston, we have a solution! With our new support initiative, Alumni College Coaching Program, it’s our mission to make our students’ experience to and through college as easy and stress-free as possible.


As a prospective fellow of the Alumni College Coaching Program, you will have access to:

  • College enrollment/retention support
  • Ongoing college success coaching
  • FAFSA/TASFA renewal support
  • Scholarship, internship, and job opportunities
  • Networking with other fellows on campus
  • Rewards for your college success efforts
  • And access to thousands of Harmony alumni perks

So, what are you waiting for?

Join the Harmony Alumni College Coaching program today!



Office of College and Career Success

Harmony Public Schools

Web: | | Office: 713-343-33333 ext:1553

College Coaching Flyer – Fellows – Final

K16 Cyber Security Mentoring Program provides opportunities for diverse high school and undergraduate college students to learn about careers in cybersecurity and develop their professional networks through direct engagement with industry professionals. The webinar will be held via Zoom on Tuesday, May 24th at 6 PM (CST). To register: or simply use this Zoom link to join the webinar on Tuesday, May 24th. Zoom Link:
For more information, please contact Dr. Dokmen (

Our 2022 Teacher of the Year Ms. Botero received her TOY award yesterday for her exemplary work with Mr. Besli and Mr. Coskuner. We are SO PROUD! 


ATTENTION!!! Summer Assignments and the AP Student Contract are REQUIRED for ALL AP Courses

Dear Mustang Students and Parents/Guardians,


Event: Summer Assignments & AP Student Contract

Submission deadline: Tuesday, August 16, 2022 (1st Day of School)

Summer assignments are designed to help bridge the summer learning gap and prepare students for the upcoming curriculum.

For students taking advanced placement courses (included AP/Non-AP courses) for the 2022-2023 academic year, summer assignments are REQUIRED to complete by students to prepare them for AP All Courses by Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022 (The 1st Day of School).

(Please check the courses that requires summer assignments for 2022-2023 academic year.)

All summer assignments and turning the student contract are due on the 1st day of class (Tuesday, August 16, 2022) unless otherwise noted on the course page or by your course teacher!!!

All teacher contact information and the Advanced Placement (AP) Student Contract is in the document attached and are included in the email sent to parents/guardians and students. They are posted on our school website as well.

If you don’t see any courses listed or have any questions, please contact your AP/Non-AP teacher listed on the document directly to verify.


  1. Please submit your summer assignments and AP contract to your TEACHER.
  2. Students who fail to submit summer assignments and HSI-Sugar Land Advanced Placement (AP) Student Contract signed by a student and a parent/a guardian by the 1st day of class (Tuesday, August 16, 2022) will be MOVED from advanced placement courses to on-level courses at the beginning of the year.
  3. No submissions will be accepted AFTER the deadlines. It is the students’/ parents/guardians` responsibility to ensure that all required information is provided and the request forms/assignments are complete.
  4. No submission will be accepted by emails. Please make sure you submit your summer assignments to your AP/Non-AP Teachers.

I hope you will have a wonderful summer!


Mr. Walter Morgan, M.Ed.
Dean of College & Career | Harmony School of Innovation-Sugar Land
Address: 13522 W. Airport Blvd. Sugar Land, TX 77478Phone: 2813026445 Ext: 323 | Fax: 2813026745 | Website:

Dear Mustang Parents/Guardians,

We are very excited about the start of the new 2022-2023 school year. As we welcome back our returning students and look forward to getting to know our new students, we want to highlight a change to their schedule.

Beginning for the 2022-2023 school year, the short day will be moved from Fridays to Wednesdays.

Classes will begin each Wednesday at normal time, which is 8:00 am., but will end early at 2:30 pm.

Please note this significant change to the calendar and make appropriate childcare arrangements for your student to accommodate the new short day time when school resumes.

You may access the school district’s calendar by visiting your school or the District’s website.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Best wishes,

Mr. Gokay Besli, M.Ed.


Harmony School of Innovation – Sugar Land

Estimados Padres/Guardianes,

Estamos entusiasmados con el inicio del nuevo año escolar que se avecina, 2022-2023.

A medida que le damos la bienvenida a nuestros estudiantes que regresan y esperamos conocer a nuestros alumnos nuevos, queremos destacar un cambio.

A partir del año escolar 2022-2023, el día corto se trasladará de los viernes a los miércoles. Las clases comenzarán a la hora normal en 8:00 am, pero terminarán temprano a las 2:30 pm.

Tomen en cuenta este cambio significativo en el calendario escolar para que puedan hacer los cambios necesarios para acomodar a su estudiante al nuevo horario cuando se reanude el año escolar.

Puede acceder al calendario del distrito escolar visitando su escuela o el sitio web del distrito.


Gracias por su tiempo y su atención.

Saludos cordiales,

Mr. Gokay Besli, M.Ed.


Harmony School of Innovation – Sugar Land


Changes requested for reasons that are NOT listed below will NOT be honored.

Dear Mustang Students & Parents/Guardians;

Student schedules are ready to review in Skyward.

Changes requested after the Course Plan has been submitted will be made ONLY for the following reasons per counselor approval.

  • A Senior needs to make up deficient graduation credits
  • A student received a failing grade and needs to repeat the class for high school graduation requirements or to meet college eligibility requirements
  • A student is in the incorrect course level
  • A course requested will not be offered due to budgetary restraints, low-class size
  • A student completed a course credit at summer school
  • Medical/health issues require adjustment in the schedule
  • There is a missing or blank course in the schedule.

Please check your schedule and if there is any issue listed above, see your counselor by next week on Wednesday, May 25, 2022 at 4:00 pm. (The Last Day of the School)


If you did not have a chance to complete your course selection meeting with your counselor, please reach him/her out as soon as you can so that your schedule will be ready before school starts.

Have a wonderful day!

Best Regards,

Mr. Walter Morgan, M.EdDean of College and Career | Harmony School of Innovation-Sugar Land
Address: 13522 W. Airport Blvd. Sugarland, TX 77478Phone: 2813026445 Ext: 323 Fax: 2813026745 Website:


Dear Mustang Senior Students & Parents/Guardians

In order for students at HSI-Sugar Land to receive their high school diploma and official high school transcriptHSI-Sugar Land Graduation Clearance Form must be submitted through the online form submission.

Please make sure you complete the requirements listed below:

  • Complete state required high school credits and community service hours
  • Pass on Texas State Assessments (STAAR)
  • Submit your 4-year college admission letter thorough SchoolLinks
  • Complete your College Transition/Exit survey in SchoolLinks
  • Confirm your FAFSA/TASFA Application status in SchoolLinks
  • Make sure you do not have any hold in your HSI-Sugar Land account
  • Make sure you turn in all the electronic devices, textbooks, calculators, or school materials to our IT department or in charge person at the campus. (Please contact Mr. Avdic at for further information).


  • Students who are failed to complete any requirements stated above and submit the clearance form by Friday, May 27, 2022, at 4:00 pm. will NOT be able to receive a high school diploma and OFFICIAL high school transcript.

If you think you have a valid reason for being unable to submit your 4-year college admission form, then please submit the appeal form provided below so that our graduation committee will review it.
HSI-Sugar Land 4-Year College Admission Form Submission Appeal Form

Please let your assigned counselor know if you need further details.

Thanks in Advance


Mr. Walter Morgan, M.Ed

Dean of College & Career | Harmony School of Innovation-Sugar Land
Address: 13522 W. Airport Blvd. Sugar Land, TX 77478Phone: 2813026445 Ext: 323 | Fax: 2813026745 Website:

Dear parents,

As you all know the seniors’ graduation is approaching soon and it is a tradition that PTO provides lunch for all seniors (154 students) on graduation day. However, it is not possible without parental support.

Last year we got pizza, drinks, and snacks (chips, cookies) and would like to do the same this year. If you can please let us know what you can contribute. A monetary donation is greatly appreciated in any amount. You can send it via Zelle to the PTO account at

If you are a restaurant owner and willing to provide lunch for 154 students please contact us. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law’s HSL-PTO is exempt from federal taxes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a member of Parent Booster USA’s (PBUSA) group exemption #5271. In accordance with IRS rules and regulations, donors are advised to verify an organization’s 501(c) (3) tax-exempt status. Copies of our current PBUSA membership certificate, PBUSA’s IRS Group Exemption Letter, and current IRS Affirmation Letter are available upon request.

Thank you for considering a donation to this very worthy cause. Looking forward to your support. For questions or further information, please contact




Children need nutritious meals to learn, grow and thrive.

The Summer Meal Programs ensures kids have no-cost, health meals this summer and return to school read to learn.

Help us spread the word about this valuable program!

Text FOOD to 304-304 or visit to find a site.

Los niños necesitan comidas nutritivas para aprender, crecer y prosperar.

Los programas de comidas de verano aseguran que los niños tengan comidas saludables sin costo este verano y regresen a la escuela leyendo para aprender.

¡Ayúdenos a correr la voz acerca de este valioso programa!

Envíe FOOD al 304-304 o visite para encontrar un sitio.

Harmony Public Schools Houston South & West Districts Job Fair
Wednesday, June 1
Harmony School of Innovation – Sugar Land at 9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.
13522 W Airport Blvd
Sugar Land, TX 77498