Dear Parents & Students,

AP/Dual Credit Course Appeal Form is now posted on our website. All students wishing to appeal an AP/Dual course at HSI – Sugar Land must complete this form and submit it by Friday, June 8, 2017.
Please fill out this form if…
● You were not eligible for the Honors/AP course at the time of scheduling, but your final grade/test scores/teacher recommendations now qualify you and you want to take the higher level course.
● You were eligible for honors/AP all along but did not select the course at the time of scheduling for whatever reason.
● You are in the incorrect course level.
Subject to verification, students who meet the criteria and submit the AP/Dual Credit Course Appeal Form by June 8th MAY be granted a spot in the AP/Dual Credit course for which they now qualify. Students who meet the criteria for an AP/Dual Credit course but do not file the AP/Dual Credit Course Appeal Form by the deadline will NOT be guaranteed a spot in the class.
No AP/Dual Credit course (s) appeals will be considered after the June 8th deadline. Students will be notified whether or not their appeal has been granted by the end of June.