Harmony Public Schools will allow each family to choose whether to continue learning from home or return to campus for in-person learning for the 2020-2021 school year, based on each family’s unique needs. Families can also switch between the two as local COVID-19 conditions or family situation changes.

The flexible learning plan was announced by Harmony CEO Fatih Ay in a letter to families.

“The best choice for Harmony in 2020-2021 is the choice that’s best for your family,” Fatih said. “While this flexible plan may be an uncommon approach, we firmly believe it is the right approach for families during these uncommon times.”

Families that choose at-home learning will have access to the same rigorous, academic environment that they have come to expect from their neighborhood Harmony campus, taught by teachers trained for educating and engaging students in a virtual environment.

Families who choose to send their students for in-person learning will find a safe and organized learning environment that they can feel comfortable sending their child to each day. This includes enhanced health  and sanitary protocols, as well as possible adjustments to daily routines to help keep all of our students and team members as safe as possible.

All students will continue to receive the same full academic and support services from their teachers, counselors, and school leaders that they would receive on-campus, including our English-language learners and students receiving Special Education services.

Helping to keep families connected regardless of their learning location is Harmony’s new, all-in-one learning management system Schoology. Through Schoology, students and families will have full access to instructional materials, assignments, grading, calendars, and parent messaging in one platform that follows them seamlessly from at-home to in-person learning and back, if needed.

Harmony Public Schools is a Texas-born, Texas-wide public charter school system with campuses serving PreK-Grade 12 students in 23 cities across the state, including Greater Houston, DFW, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, Waco, Lubbock, Odessa, Bryan, Beaumont, and the Rio Grande Valley. Harmony’s curriculum places a heavy focus on STEM skills, Character Education, project-based learning, and college readiness. 

Harmony Public Schools is currently accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year for both students and team members.

About Harmony Public Schools

Harmony Public Schools are 58 high performing PreK-12 college preparatory charter schools throughout Texas. Harmony blends the highest standards and expectations, with a rigorous math- and science-centered curriculum and dedicated and engaged teachers and families to cultivate excellence and prepare students to succeed in college, careers and life. At Harmony Public Schools, we believe every child can succeed, and we are committed to helping them realize their full potential. To learn more about Harmony Public Schools and our 58 campuses across Texas, please visit: www.harmonytx.org, and follow us on Twitter at @HarmonyEdu and ‘Like’ us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/HarmonyTexas.

Class of 2020 Drive-Thru Graduation Ceremony Details!!!

Dear Senior Students and Parents/Guardians;


HSI – Sugar Land is extremely excited that we are able to give our seniors a Drive-Thru Graduation they so deserve. We are very proud of you and wish you the best upon graduating!

Due to strict graduation guidelines, there are a few protocols that must be followed for the safety of all participants. For more information, please click HERE.

In an effort to accommodate those who are unable to attend the HSI – Sugar Land Drive-Thru Graduation Ceremony for Class of 2020, our technology department will be broadcasting the event on YouTube.

The graduation ceremony is set for Saturday, June 13 at 5 p.m.

The graduation broadcast can be viewed live on YouTube at the following URL:


Also, please take a moment to review this color-coded parking guide map attached and any updates available on our website before you arrive.

Have a wonderful day!

Hakan Simsek


Harmony School of Innovation-Sugar Land


Drive Through Graduation Map

Dear Parents and Graduates,

You can find the drive through graduation map below.



Congratulations to all of our 2020 Senior Graduates!


Drive-Through Graduation, Class of 2020!

Date: June 13th, 2020

Venue: Harmony School of Innovation – Sugar Land Parking Lot

Time: 5:00 P.M.

Congratulations to all of our 2020 Senior Graduates!

We are extremely proud of your accomplishments and we know that your future is bright. We are proud to provide our historic HSI-Sugar Land Drive-Thru Graduation Ceremony in the HSI-Sugar Land Parking Lot. It is important that we observe all of the CDC recommendations regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

Have you filled out your 2020 Drive-Thru Graduation Acknowledgement form?

Please read, sign, and submit the Graduation Ceremony Acknowledgement Form.

All graduates are required to SUBMIT this signed participation acknowledgment form through the online submission link before picking up caps, gowns, and other senior stuff. This form MUST be submitted and on file before a senior graduation stuff distribution date is allowed to pick up caps, gowns, cords, and tassels to participate in his/her HSI-Sugar Land Drive-Thru Graduation Ceremony. The form is also available on our school website, www.hsisl.harmonytx.org.


  1. Seniors who are failed to submit this form will NOT be allowed to participate in his/her HSI-Sugar Land Drive-Thru Graduation Ceremony.
  2. Please do NOT submit this form through email.

Where can I watch the 2020 Drive-Thru Graduation ceremonies Live Stream Feeds?

The HSI-Sugar Land 2020 Drive-Thru Graduation ceremonies will be available through a variety of streaming formats including Facebook, YouTube, or the broadcast. (More details will be sent soon)

HSI – Sugar Land – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Harmony School of Innovation – Sugar Land will host a drive-thru and virtual graduation ceremony this year.

HSI – Sugar Land’s drive-thru graduation ceremony will take place on Saturday, June 13, beginning at 4:00 pm., and would-be guests are encouraged to watch the ceremony from the safety of their homes.

Harmony School of Innovation – Sugar Land is working to make the graduation ceremony as special as possible for the phenomenal Class of 2020.

Although it’s not the traditional ceremony, the school hopes it’s still a special moment for all of the graduates and asks them to wear their caps and gowns in the cars.

Families are encouraged to ride in the car with their graduates to participate in the celebration, ONLY ONE CAR per graduate. The entire event will be live-streamed so that friends and families can watch safely from their homes.


Harmony School of Innovation – Sugar Land has the following guidelines and expectations for participation:

  • The lineup will begin at 4:00 p.m. at the east and backyard gate of Harmony School of Innovation – Sugar Land.
  • Members of the Police Department and HSI – Sugar Land staff members will assist with directions.
  • The procession will officially be led by the Valedictorian (Car 1) and Salutatorian (Car 2).
  • These students will ride in their families` cars.
  • Family members may ride along with their graduates as long as they follow all traffic and safety laws.
  • Graduates MUST bring his/her cap, gown, and 2020 tassel in order to enter the HSI – Sugar Land campus parking lot. Graduates will wear caps, gowns, and tassels and be seated on the passenger side of the cars. (Note: Seniors will receive their caps, gowns, stoles, tassels, etc. before the graduation ceremony date. Date and time will be announced soon)
  • Everyone MUST remain inside the vehicle at all times.
  • Cars should give the graduate’s full name to the person at the gate.
  • Cars will then follow the directions of the staff and park to wait for the ceremony.
  • All students must wait in the cars until their names are called by the staff.
  • Students will come to the stage individually to receive their diploma and pose for a photo.
  • After receiving the diploma, the graduates will go back to their cars and follow the directions of the staff to leave the campus.
  • Each graduate in good standing will be able to participate in his/her graduation ceremony.



Harmony School of Innovation Sugar Land



HPS South West and West District Academic Calendar

Want to get a jump-start on your 202-2021 plans? Here is the Harmony Public Schools Houston SW – West Campuses District Academic Calendar for the next school year!

2020 – 2021 Academic Calendar

Dear Students and Parents,

We hope this e-mail finds you and your family in the best of health. This guideline includes details of the grading practices Harmony will implement during at-home learning.

Harmony’s main focus during these historic times is on the continuance of the learning process for our students, not on the grading of assignments. Best formative practices are promoted to include timely feedback, multiple opportunities, and additional time to ensure mastery of the concepts. Our administrators, teachers, and specialists are well- prepared to provide support and direction more than ever during this phase of distance learning.

Below you can find the details of grading for Perks-Kindergarten, Grades 1-8, and high school.

Pre K – Kindergarten

PK and Kindergarten teachers will provide assignments in Google Classrooms. Just like regular school time, they will continue grading in Skyward on academic indicators based on student progress in distance learning. Progress reports will be provided every three weeks.

GRADES 1 – 8

Core Courses: Students will be assigned weekly assignments in core courses (Math, science, social studies, and language arts). Students are expected to return their assignments in various ways (Google Classroom, other integrated platforms, a picture taken). Math and ELA labs will be graded under the main course. Electives/Specials: Teachers will assign optional weekly experiences in electives, technology applications, PE, and Fine Arts courses. No submission is required in those classrooms.

Grading on Google Classroom: Progress Monitoring

○ Grades will not be assigned until April 13, 2020 so that students and families can adjust to the routines of distance learning.

○ Starting April 13, numerical grades will be assigned by teachers in Google Classroom gradebook.
○ We ask our teacher to provide multiple opportunities to complete assignments. Retest and flexible deadlines are promoted.

Skyward Gradebook: Official Grading

○ No numerical grades will be assigned in Skyward during distance learning time (4th Quarter). Students will receive one of the performance indicators (PI) below at the end of a week based on their progress on Google Classrooms.

■ E-Excellent
■ S-Satisfactory
■ N-Needs Improvement
■ I-Incomplete

○ Overall Quarter4 PI: Teachers will enter an overall PASS/FAIL/ or INCOMPLETE indicator for 4th quarter grade by the end of distance learning time. For electives and specials, teachers will enter X-Not Assessed indicator as Q4 grade.

Final Student Failure/Promotion Decisions: School Promotion Committee

● Student failure decisions will occur after the closure of distance learning. The school promotion committee should factor in both three-quarter performance and performance indicators during digital learning time.

*** High school guidelines apply to high school credit courses in middle school such as Algebra-1 & LOTE-I.


Core Courses: Students will be assigned weekly assignments in core courses (Math, science, social studies, language arts, and AP courses). Students are expected to return their assignments in various ways (Google Classroom, other integrated platforms, picture taken). Students will be taking weekly assessments. Electives/Specials/CTE: Teachers will assign weekly experiences in technology applications, PE, CTE, Fine Arts, and other electives. Students will submit their assignments. No weekly assessment is promoted in those classrooms.

AP Courses/ Dual Credit / On Ramps Courses: Weekly expectations may vary for AP/Dual credit courses based on approved syllabi by college board and local
community colleges. Local Credit Courses (Math Lab, ELA Lab, SAT/TSI Prep): Local campuses will decide on the level of support in those classrooms. Assignments will be optional and no submission is required. On the other hand, teachers may assign work from lab resources and grade it under the main class.

Grading on Google Classroom: Progress Monitoring

○ Grades will not be assigned until April 13, 2020 so that students and families can adjust to the routines of distance learning.
○ Starting April 13, numerical grades will be assigned by teachers in Google Classroom gradebook.
○ We ask our teacher to provide multiple opportunities to complete assignments. Retest and flexible deadlines are promoted.

Skyward Gradebook: Official Grading

○ No numerical grades will be assigned in Skyward during distance learning time (4th Quarter). Students will receive one of the performance indicators(PI) below at the end of a week based on their progress on Google Classrooms.

■ E-Excellent
■ S-Satisfactory
■ N-Needs Improvement
■ I-Incomplete

○ Overall Quarter4 PI: Teachers will enter an overall PASS/FAIL/ or INCOMPLETE indicator for 4th quarter grade by the end of distance learning time. For electives and specials, teachers will enter X-Not Assessed indicator as Q4 grade.

Final Credit Awarding: School Graduation Committee

● Credit awarding decisions will occur after the closure of distance learning. The committee should factor in both three quarter performance and performance indicators during digital learning time.

Progression Plan During Distance Learning Time
● A student who did not receive a half credit for fall semester (semester average less than 70) in a course may still receive a full credit by factoring in the performance in third quarter and distance learning time. If the average of the first three quarters is higher than 70 and receives an overall PASS indicator for the 4th quarter, the student should be awarded the full credit.
● If the average of the first three quarters is below 70, the student may still earn a full credit based on distance learning performance and the school committee decision.

GPA/Senior Class Ranking
● Credits earned from both regular courses and weighted courses (Honors, AP, Dual, PLTWY) in the spring semester (third quarter plus distance learning time) will not be counted towards GPA.
● Final senior class ranking for class of 2020 will be calculated based on GPA calculation at the end of Fall 2019 semester.

Credit Recovery Options
● Our campuses are encouraged to provide distance learning options for those students in June/July to receive their missing credits. Valedictorian, Salutatorian
● The GPA and Class Rank as of the end of the first semester in the 2019-2020 school year will be used to determine Valedictorian and Salutatorian honors.

* All these guidelines are subject to change based on most updated TEA guidelines.

College Board has released updated information about AP Exams.  For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please visit:

Updates for AP Students Affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Main Points:

  • Exams will be given May 11-22
  • Each subject exam will be taken on the same day at the same time worldwide.
  • Digital Portfolios for Art and Computer Science Principles are due May 26, 2020, 10:59 p.m.
  • Students must have a working email address in their College Board accounts as this is how exams will be delivered
  • Exams are 45 minutes, all free responses
  • Students can either type responses or handwrite and take a picture to send in
  • Students can use their books and/or notes on the exam
  • Accommodations are built in
  • Colleges will still accept the scores on these exams as indicated prior to these changes
Important Links:

Parents and community members are encouraged to attend our annual CIP meeting on April 14. Please see the attached invitation for more information.


You are Cordially Invited to Attend
Harmony School of Innovation – Sugar Land
2020-21 Campus Improvement Plan Meeting


Tuesday, April 14, 2020

11:00 AM
Virtual Zoom Meeting

Goal/Purpose: Review 2019-20 CIP and develop 2020-21 CIP

I. Purpose of CIP
II. Review Campus Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA)
III. Review of Data
IV. Areas for Improvement and Priority of Needs
V. Review previous year’s CIP
VI. Revise and Develop Goals, Objectives and Strategies for the new CIP
VII. Comments, Q&A

*If you are interested in attending, please contact Dawn Gerard for the online meeting link.

Dear Parents/Students,

We hope that you and your family are doing well. Please fill out this form to schedule an appointment for collecting any items that might be left at the school. We will contact you with a day & time after we receive your request. Thank you.


HSI Sugar Land

Harmony Public Schools is encouraging our families to take a few moments to complete the 2020 U.S. Census online, by phone, or mail.

The 2020 Census is a count of everyone who lives in the United States and its territories. The 2020 Census questionnaire asks a few simple questions like the age, sex, and the number of people living in your home.  Individual responses are confidential and cannot be used against you by any court or government agency.

When it comes to schools, the 2020 Census will determine funding for special education, teacher training, technology, school lunch assistance, Head Start and after-school programs. The census will also help determine funding for other important programs for families, such as maternal and child health programs, and housing, heating and food assistance.

People should count all children who live in their homes, including newborns and others too young for school. That’s important because responses to the census help schools plan for the resources they will need when the new generation of children is ready for school.

To begin, click here or call one of the numbers below, or look for the Census form in your mail.


  • English: 844-330-2020
  • Spanish: 844-468-2020
  • Chinese (Mandarin): 844-391-2020
  • Chinese (Cantonese): 844-398-2020
  • Vietnamese: 844-461-2020
  • Korean: 844-392-2020
  • Russian: 844-417-2020
  • Arabic: 844-416-2020
  • Tagalog: 844-478-2020
  • Polish: 844-479-2020
  • French: 844-494-2020
  • Haitian Creole: 844-477-2020
  • Portuguese: 844-474-2020
  • Japanese: 844-460-2020
  • English (for Puerto Rico residents): 844-418-2020
  • Spanish (for Puerto Rico residents): 844-426-2020
  • TDD (Telephone Display Device): 844-467-2020

Dear Harmony Families & Team Members,

For the past 20 years, Harmony Public Schools has established an educational model built strongly on the foundations of science-based learning and responsible citizenship in our communities.

Currently, all available science from community health experts continues to tell us that the best way to be responsible members of our communities is to have our students and staff remain at home.

This is why we have determined that it is in the best interest of our students, team members, and communities to discontinue in-person schooling at our campuses and administrative offices statewide until further notice.

While these facilities remain closed, instruction and learning at Harmony schools will continue. Our classes are operating online through our established digital learning tools, taking advantage of many of the technology tools and blended learning methods already practiced in Harmony’s  physical classrooms. Because our teachers and school leaders will remain available to guide our students each school day, we anticipate instructional continuity during these unusual and difficult times. To request access to a Chromebook and/or for questions regarding internet access, please contact your child’s campus.

(For more information on our at-home learning program, visit HarmonyTX.org/AtHome . To request access to a Chromebook or internet access, contact your child’s campus.)

We will also continue to offer free meal services to children in our communities, as local and state safety guidelines allow.

We thank you for your support and understanding in making this critical decision. We also are profoundly grateful for the extreme determination and Harmony pride shown by both our students and team members these past several weeks. Time and again you have proven why Harmony Public Schools is an institution where excellence is the standard.

We will continue to provide timely updates as new, relevant information comes available, and inform you immediately if our campuses reopen prior to the end of the school year.

Thank you and be well,


Fatih Ay

CEO | Harmony Public Schools

Dear Students/Parents,

This week, we are completing the first phase of our distance learning program, the learning packets. Remember to complete your learning packets and return once classes resume. The next phase begins on Monday, March 30, 2020. Students and teachers will go online for a comprehensive digital learning experience that includes elements of independent learning, video-based lessons, and a variety of online software, including Google Classroom.


Students will sign in to my.harmonytx portal to reach integrated software and google classrooms on Chromebooks or other devices. Parent guide to access my.harmonytx portal and Google classrooms can be seen in the Parent Guide English and Spanish presentations. Live and recorded parent webinars will be hosted in the following days and webinar information will be available on the campus website and Facebook pages. Students without computers or access to the internet at home should contact their school.For further details on accessing technology, you may visit https://www.parent.harmonytx.org/athomelearning and Free Internet access for 60 days.)


HPS will utilize Google G-Suite platform to provide learning plans for students. Students will log in to their My Harmony accounts to join the google classrooms by using the codes provided by their teachers. Teachers will use the platform to communicate, provide feedback, and assess the learning progress of their students. Harmony students have already been using blended learning software in their classrooms; software will be integrated into learning plans.

Throughout the next phases, our teachers will be available via email and other digital platforms to provide structure, guidance, and feedback. Once, our teachers set up their google classroom, they will contact you to start the online learning experience. Information regarding grading and high school credits will be shared later.

Below, you will find the comprehensive plan and a sample daily schedule you can follow.


For students in special education and 504 programs, accommodations and/or modifications will be implemented to the extent appropriate and possible by our teachers in google classrooms (technology may have some limitations). For students in pullout programs, our special education teachers will create google classrooms, provide resources and support virtually to the extent appropriate and possible (technology may have some limitations). We are still working on a plan regarding provision of speech therapy and related services, ARDs, 504 meetings, and FIEs. For all of these matters, we are following guidelines from the State of Texas and Department of Education, which is still forthcoming and additional changes may be made as we receive further instruction. Your patience is appreciated as we work to ensure student needs are met.


Elementary Schools

Big picture

Middle Schools

Big picture

High Schools

Big picture



Big picture

2020 HPS Houston SW Parents' Guide to Google Classroom

2020 HPS Houston SW Parents' Guide to Google Classroom-Spanish

Free internet service for 60 days

Useful Links


Dear Students and Parents,

In response to recent school closures, we are gathering information about the ability of our students to continue learning at home using online materials and/or a virtual classroom. Please complete the following survey to help us understand the availability of the internet and devices in your home. This will allow us to determine what supports we can provide our students to support continued learning at home.

Harmony School of Innovation Sugar Land


The safety of our students and staff is our top priority at Harmony Public Schools. As new developments continue to unfold regarding the COVID-19 situation, we wanted to provide you an important update regarding the potential impact of the virus on our schools.

While there have been no cases of COVID-19 reported on our campuses or within our school family at this time, out of an abundance of caution we are announcing a temporary closure of all Harmony Public Schools campuses through Monday, April 6. All school activities, field trips, athletics events, and competitions have also been cancelled during this time.

At this time, we are anticipating classes will be able to resume for students on Tuesday, April 7. Staff will return for a work-day on Monday, April 6.

This decision was made after discussions with, and upon the recommendations of, local health officials.  We strongly believe it is the best decision for helping to keep our students, staff, and communities safe at this time.

During this closure, our Harmony team members will continue to work remotely to finalize the details of distance-learning plan to make sure students continue to receive educational services with minimal  interruption.You will receive regular updates how this plan will be implemented.

Additionally, all full-time, non-exempt and exempt employees will continue to be paid according to their normal rate and schedule.

We continue to urge families and team members to stay informed of current Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines related to the prevention of the spreading of viruses, including limiting out of town travel, “social distancing,” and self-quarantine for those who have recently traveled to impacted areas.

We recognize this is a rapidly evolving situation and will continue to aggressively monitor new developments and respond with appropriate actions based on the best interests of our Harmony families and the guidance of local health officials. Throughout this process, we will continue to communicate with you new information as soon as possible. We anticipate further updates no later than the week of March 23-27.

Thank you for your support during these unusual circumstances. With your continued collaboration, together we can provide a healthy learning environment for our students and staff.

Dear Students and Parents,


Harmony Public Schools campuses are closed until March 31st.

Our goal is to maximize learning during this time and keep our students engaged. Our curriculum directors have prepared two-week self-study modules for our students. Students are asked to complete the work and submit to their teachers when they return to campus.

Harmony School of Innovation Sugar Land will have Learning Packets available for parent pick-up from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, March 18 and Thursday, March 19. If you’d prefer to print the packets yourself, please see the links below.

High School:




Social Studies

Access STEMscopes Online



As students return from spring break, we would like to ask the Harmony community for your renewed diligence in helping our schools maintain the best-practices for clean campuses established before break.

That of course includes the normal requests regarding washing hands, covering your mouth when coughing, and staying home when sick. However, we also need your help keeping viruses and germs contained by asking your student to immediately report to their campus health office if their experience any of the following symptoms while at school:

  • Suspected fever: Student is flushed, student unusually pale, complaints of body aches/pains student is lethargic or unusually tired, student statements of having had a fever or taken medication at home to make them feel better.
  • Respiratory symptoms: Dry cough with or without nasal drainage, difficulty breathing (visibly difficult breathing includes using abdominal muscles to breathe, inability to speak more than a couple of words at a time, flaring nostrils when breathing) or statements of feeling short of breath, chest or lung pain, wheezing or grunting with breathing.

Additionally, families should be aware that any student returning from a travel area on the CDC list of at-risk countries for COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) MUST see their medical provider before returning to campus. Students will have 48 hours to submit a clearance letter from their doctor before returning to campus. After this, student absences will not be excused. A student cannot return until they have clearance from their doctor or have finished quarantine if medically recommended.

With your continued support and collaboration, together we can provide a healthy learning environment for our students and staff.

Thank you.

P.S. … For more information about COVID-19 and our school system’s response, including additional resources for families, visit https://www.HarmonyTX.org/coronavirus.


We are very happy to announce that Mariam D. (12th Grade), and Ha-Vy L. (11th Grade)  have achieved The Congressional Award Gold Medal! Both students were the high school girls under Ms. Kavas’s College Readiness and Leadership Program. Ha-Vy L. continued her journey with another teacher for this year.
The Congressional Award is the United State Congress award for young Americans and known as one of the “Best Youth Award.” Students in Ms. Kavas’s College Readiness and Leadership Program (CRLP) have been diligently working to reach their individual goals in four areas (Voluntary Public Service, Personal Development, Physical Fitness, and Expedition/Exploration) on their journey of achieving The Congressional Award Gold Medal.
Their accomplishments in earning The Congressional Award will be recognized at the Annual Gold Medal Ceremony in Washington D.C.in Summer 2020.
Congratulations to Mariam and Ha-Vy for their dedication and success!

Spring Break is almost here for our students and staff members across the state.  We sincerely hope everyone in our Harmony community has a fun and relaxing break before together we begin the final stretch toward the end of the school year.

We understand that many of you will be traveling this spring break. With concerns about the Coronavirus in the minds of many, we want to share a few tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about staying healthy when traveling, as well as provide more info about a few Harmony policies related to returning to school after visiting certain risk-prone destinations.

Tips for Healthy Travel

In general, the same advice for fighting germs and bacteria  applies when traveling as it does when staying home:

  • Wash hands frequently and/or use hand sanitizer;
  • Do not touch eyes, nose or mouth;
  • Cover mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing, use a paper tissue, throw it away and then wash hands;
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick;
  • When greeting others, consider an alternative to hugs or handshakes, such as an elbow bump.

Additionally, here are a few additional tips related specifically to those traveling:

  • Be aware of your surroundings (including people who are sick) and try to distance yourself as appropriate;
  • Avoid areas that you feel might make your more likely to be exposed;
  • Know how to get reliable local information about any possible changes to the situation;
  • Avoid public transportation, if possible. Confined spaces such as buses, trains, subways, and airplanes may put you at a higher risk of infection;
  • When eating animal-based products, make sure they are thoroughly cooked before eating.

Returning to School After Visiting Risk-Prone Areas

Due to CDC travel guidelines, students and families that have traveled to locations that are marked as a Coronavirus risk by the CDC must have a letter of clearance from their medical provider before returning to campus. Failure to provide a clearance letter will result in the student being dismissed home. Students will have 48 hours to provide proof of doctor’s clearance. Any additional absence will require further documentation from the parents or doctor. For a list of countries with COVID-19 travel advisories, visit https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/index.html.

Currently these countries include: 

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Iran
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • South Korea

Additionally, please be aware that families travelling to China’s Hubei province or mainland China may face a mandatory quarantine and be monitored by public health officials. Any health department guidelines should be followed by any affected families and absences will be waived upon return to school with provision of proof of quarantine. 

At Harmony Public Schools, we take the health and safety of our students and staff members seriously. Harmony is closely tracking all new developments regarding the Coronavirus and will continue to share timely, relevant updates, as needed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to your campus health staff. 

We appreciate your help in supporting healthy and happy learning environments for our Harmony community. 


To Our Harmony Community,

Wednesday night, Health Department officials in Fort Bend County announced the first presumptive case of COVID-19 — better better known as Coronavirus — in the Greater Houston area. The patient, a man in his 70s who had recently traveled overseas to a high-risk country, is in stable condition.

While no cases of Coronavirus have been reported in our schools, Harmony Public Schools is continuing to proactively monitor each new development in the Coronavirus outbreak and working closely with local officials to make sure any and all measures are followed to keep our students and staff safe.

At this time, HPS will continue to hold classes as normal. However we will continue to seek direction from health officials and reassess, if necessary. We urge families to continue best practices for the prevention of spreading germs — wash hands frequently, cover mouth when coughing, avoid touching your face — and to please seek medical attention, if needed.

We appreciate your collaboration in keeping your campus a healthy learning environment for our students and team members.


Harmony Public Schools


Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

We would like to inform you that; EOC Boot Camp ’20 has been cancelled due to the current situation of Covid-19.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.



TSI testing is scheduled for Saturday, March 28, 2020, from 9 AM – 2 PM.  Below is the link to the online registration form.  The deadline to register for this testing date is 3:00 PM Wednesday, March 25, 2020.  For more information about TSI testing in general, please see you, counselor.  If you have specific questions about this TSI testing session, please see Ms. Gerard in room 206.


TSI Registration Form – March 28, 2020

Last Saturday (2/29/2020), 11 of our students entered the Visual Arts Scholastic Event. It is with great pride that I announce that 8 of our 11 students received medals recognizing their abilities against other students in Houston Region 4 North in their respective divisions.

Division 1 – Rahime C. and Jeanne T.

Division 2 – Zukhruf K., Hanife I., and Anna N.

Division 4 – Fiona R., Fiza S., and Olivia H.

These students were recognized as the best in Region 4 North this year.

Congratulations to our students and all who have supported them!

This spring, Harmony is challenging our students to participate in a friendly reading competition across classrooms and other campuses.

Beginning March 3, students are challenged to read books and advance through pre-determined advancement levels in order to earn rewards at each stage.

With Spring Break coming up, we urge parents to help encourage their children to take advantage of this time to read books they are excited about.

You can find challenges for each grade level by clicking the link to our Spring Reading Challenge PDF below.

HPS Spring Reading Challenge

Course Changes & Dual Credit Enrollment by THIS FRIDAY

Updates & Changes

Dear Students & Parents/Guardians,

I would like to update you on our recent changes and upcoming important deadlines. Please take them into consideration when you want to change some of your course (s).

We recently made some changes on the course catalog for next year as follows. You may also find more information on our website as well.

Updates & Changes for 2020-2021




HSI-Sugar Land College & Career Counseling Website

I just wanted to remind you about our course selection process and IMPORTANT DEADLINES for your references as follows:

  • All students MUST complete the course selection meetings with their assigned counselor by March 6th, 2020 at 4:00 pm. Failure to meet counselors to complete a course selection process will result in your classes being selected for you by your counselor. Here are the links to schedule meetings below:





  1. All applications and registrations will be through online forms posted on our HSI-Sugar Land College & Career Counseling Website. Please do NOT send any documents via email. The requests that are sent by emails or handed to any school staff will NOT be accepted.
  2. No submissions will be accepted AFTER the deadlines. It is the students’/ parents/guardians` responsibility to ensure that all required information is provided and the request forms are completed on time.
  3. Please submit the DUAL CREDIT registration forms COMPLETELY including required test scores in pdf or png format, a copy of an unofficial transcript (if needed), course subject, catalog #, high school course, contact information, LSC or HCC student ID #, contact information, parent, student, and counselor signatures, etc. Please note that incomplete or late submissions will not be accepted.
  4. Please note that failure to meet counselors to complete a course selection process will result in your classes being selected for you by your counselor.

Please let your assigned counselor know if you have any questions or need any assistance.


Mr. Alper Ciftci, M.Ed

Campus Head Counselor | Harmony School of Innovation-Sugar Land

Address: 13522 W. Airport Blvd. Sugarland, TX 77478

Phone: 2813026445 Ext: 323 | Fax: 2813026745 | Website: https://hsisl.harmonytx.org/

Dear HPS Parents and Family,

Harmony is challenging for our students to participate in friendly competition across classrooms and campuses by reading books advancing through pre-determined challenge levels. Rewards are available to students as they advance through these levels! Your child’s campus will be communicating level-specific rewards in the upcoming week.

With Spring Break coming up, we urge parents to help encourage their children to take advantage of this time to read books they are excited about!

You can find the grade level challenge labels below. Your kids can start the challenge on March 2!