We would like to congratulate our students and teachers for their success.  We have so much to celebrate.

We’ve competed in 25 categories in the TSA Regional competition, and we’ve qualified for state competition from 18 of them with TSA.

In the HOSA Regional Competition, we qualified for the state competition with a total of 9 students in 3 separate categories with HOSA.

One of our students is a finalist and one of them is the semifinalist at the National Merit Scholarship.

In addition, our three students have won College Board Opportunity Scholarships. Also, one of our students won the two different categories in the Houston Science and Engineering Fair (SEFH).

We’d like to congratulate our school’s athletic teams for their success. Both our basketball and soccer teams finished their league slugs with considerable effort. We thank the players and our coaches for all their effort.

You can find the competition categories and the list of students who are successful in the competitions at the link below.


Competition Categories and Students’ List