Dear Upcoming Senior,


You are receiving this email, because you have selected Govt Dual (Govt 2305) for the fall 2023 and Econ Dual (Econ 2301) for the spring 2024 in your Course Request.


As a reminder, you are responsible to submit your all of your required HCC Dual credit paperwork/documents by March 10th. No exceptions!


You can find all details and required paperwork on our College Counseling Website regarding Houston Community College: HCC HSI Sugar Land Web PagePlease follow the steps to complete your HCC Enrollment:


1. First get your HCC ID, by submitting your application to HCC through ApplyTexas: ApplyTexas (if you do not have an account, create an account).

2. You will be receiving your HCC ID in 3 to 5 business days.

3. Upon receiving your HCC ID number, you will submit the all following documents listed below to the HCC Dual Credit Online Registration Form. <—We will ONLY ACCEPT online submissions through this form and not via email.


A. HCC Dual Credit Approval Form and HCC Student Commitment Statement

B. College Ready TSI Test Results (Please contact your counselor about how to obtain your TSI results in pdf format)

C. High School Transcript (you can access your transcript in your Skyward Folder).

Failure to submit your documents before the deadline of March 10th, will result to an schedule change to regular Govt/Econ.


For more information on HCC enrollment, you can visit our website: HCC HSI Sugar Land Web Page