Dear Mustang Families,
We appreciate your patience with drop-off and dismissal in our school grounds, however we would like to address a pressing issue.
Our student’s safety is our utmost priority. It has come to our attention that many students are walking across the streets to be dropped off/picked up. It is understandable that the dismissal route may be overwhelming at the moment however we are pleading that you follow the given route. We want each student to reach school and back home safely. Currently, we see students walking across Old Richmond Rd. and Belknap Rd., cars making U-turns and drivers parking or dropping off/picking up in the nearby neighborhoods. All these practices; though may save a couple minutes at most, are putting lives at risk.
We have started our after school clubs, and are currently working with our construction team on student parking spaces, which should relieve some traffic for everyone. Police officers are posted on Belknap Road to help direct our traffic to and from our campus to the main streets.
As observed, our current dismissal plan is running rhythmically.
Again, we are grateful for all that you do for your students and will appreciate your support with enforcing the dismissal plan by dropping and picking your student on school grounds.
HSI- Sugar Land Administration