HSI-SUGAR LAND High School Course Selection Process & Timeline Announcement 2018-2019

High School Course Selection Process & Timeline


  • In order to schedule individual course selection meetings, please update your contact information with our front office. Otherwise, we will not be able to schedule the meetings.
  • All 8th grade students/parents are REQUIRED to schedule a course selection meeting with his/her counselor for the next year. For more information, please contact our head counselor, Alper Ciftci,

At Harmony School of Innovation-Sugar Land, student success is our priority.  The selection of classes for the upcoming school year is a large component of student success for high school and beyond. We know that there are many options for students with regards to course selection.  Please take time during the course selection and registration time frame to select classes carefully.  

We would like parents and students to know that during the course selection process, all students will receive a credit check and course selection forms during their first hour class. Through the Individual Student Planning (ISP) Meetings, students will see a course selection presentation prepared by the counselors.  They will have a chance to ask questions at that time.  From this point, students are asked to complete their course selection process during meetings.  Throughout February, counselors will meet with every student to continue the guidance process and ensure that students have selected appropriate courses for graduation and for their post secondary plans.

General Course Selection Information:

High School Handbook 2017-2018

This document provides graduation requirements, sample 4 year plans, and information about the curriculum in honors classes.

HSI-Sugar Land Course Selection Guideline

Harmony School of Innovation-Sugar Land is committed to providing educational opportunities through which ALL learners strive to achieve their full potential. The Course Selection Guideline includes important information related to course selection process and how it works in our campus.

Course Selection Forms: Must be signed and returned to your counselor during your course selection meetings will be held on February 8th-March 9th.

  • Personal Graduation Plan (PGP) (Must be signed)
  • HSI-Sugar Land Course Selection Guideline and High School Student Handbook (Must be signed)
  • Course Selection Form (Must be signed)
  • Automatic Admission Form (Must be signed)

Course Selection, Registration & Scheduling Timeline (2018-2019)

February 8thCourse selection meetings start
March 9thCourse selection meetings ends
March 9thAP Appeal Deadline
May 5th-22ndPosting the all AP assignments to the webpage
May 22nd- 25th (Tentative) Student and Teacher Schedules are Released/Distributed/Mailed


Dual Credit Summer 2018 Timeline

Registration Begins (Summer 2018)March 5
Summer I Session Classes BeginJune 4
Last Day to Drop and Receive a “W” for

Summer I Session Classes*

June 28
Summer II Session Classes BeginJuly 10
Last Day to Drop and Receive a “W” for full length Summer Classes*July 26
Summer II Semester EndsAugust 19


Open enrollment begins soon for the 2019 - 2020 School Year!

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