We are very happy to announce that Mariam D. (12th Grade), and Ha-Vy L. (11th Grade)  have achieved The Congressional Award Gold Medal! Both students were the high school girls under Ms. Kavas’s College Readiness and Leadership Program. Ha-Vy L. continued her journey with another teacher for this year.
The Congressional Award is the United State Congress award for young Americans and known as one of the “Best Youth Award.” Students in Ms. Kavas’s College Readiness and Leadership Program (CRLP) have been diligently working to reach their individual goals in four areas (Voluntary Public Service, Personal Development, Physical Fitness, and Expedition/Exploration) on their journey of achieving The Congressional Award Gold Medal.
Their accomplishments in earning The Congressional Award will be recognized at the Annual Gold Medal Ceremony in Washington D.C.in Summer 2020.
Congratulations to Mariam and Ha-Vy for their dedication and success!