How to Register an HCC Economic-D Dual Credit Class for Spring 2020

Dear Students & Parents/Guardians

Submission DEADLINE: Wednesday, November 13, 2019, at 4:00 pm.

HCC Economics-D credit course Registration for Spring 2020 opens on November 6th – November 13th for ONLY the students continuing with dual credit classes.

Students who are going to take Economics-D class in the Spring 2020 semester MUST submit the following documents below signed by parents/guardians and assigned counselors through the HCC Dual Credit Online Registration Form.

Please upload the required documents as follows:


  1. Any application form without parent/guardian and counselor signature will NOT be considered. Please make sure to have them before submission.
  2. Please do NOT turn in any form to either your course teacher or counselor. We will ONLY ACCEPT online submissions via the HCC Dual Credit Online Registration Form.

Please contact your assigned counselor if you need any further help.


Mr. Ciftci

Campus Head Counselor

Harmony School of Innovation-Sugar Land