Students in grades 9 and 10 will take MAP tests in Reading, Math, and Language.  Test days are September 1-3.  Since all teachers will be needed to administer the exams, there will be no live classes on MAP testing days.  Non-testing students are required to log into their classes and complete independent study lessons.  Please see the attached parent informational letter for more details about MAP testing.


Parent Information for Fall 2020 NWEA MAP Administration


Harmony Public Schools administers the NWEA MAP Growth tests at the beginning of the year each year to establish baseline data for our scholars as well as to measure growth for our returning scholars that tested the previous year.  This data is used to drive our instructional focus for each scholar as well as to identify trends within our campuses and district.  As you know, this year is unique in that we are all beginning this instructional year remotely and we will need your assistance in ensuring that the integrity and validity of our assessments are maintained.  To do this, we have created this document for you to help you navigate the NWEA MAP assessment and answer any questions you may have.



            At the high school level, students in grades 9 and 10 (with limited exceptions) will take the NWEA MAP Growth Test.  Please use the chart below to see which tests each grade will be administered.

Grade Reading Math Language
9-10 6 + Reading Growth 6 + Math Growth 2-12 Language Growth


The only students that are not required to test (but may if the campus would like) are STAAR Alt2 students.  Campus Testing Coordinators will submit names of STAAR Alt2 students to the central office to have those students removed from internal reporting.



Your scholar is scheduled to take these online assessments the week of August 31st – September 4th .  We are asking each family to complete this technology check by August 26th so that we may help you troubleshoot any issues that your family may experience before the testing window begins.  To check if your device meets the minimum requirements, please click here.


Log in

Each student will log on to the NWEA MAP testing platform from their MyHarmony student portal account.  The student will click the “nwea student” icon.



If you receive an error message, check to see if you have a red error indicator in the address bar blocking pop-ups.  If so, click on the icon and choose “Always allow.. “ and “Done” to fix it.

On the log in screen, there will be an opportunity to take a practice test if your student is unfamiliar with this testing platform.  The practice test is not scored in any way and will simply serve as a tool to help familiarize them with the platform and format of the assessments.



All NWEA MAP Sessions will be proctored via Zoom by personnel from your scholar’s campus.  Your scholar’s instructors will provide them with the Zoom session information as well as any required test-specific log in information for your scholar.  Zoom session links will also be emailed to your scholar’s school email address.





The Fall 2020 NWEA MAP Administration is scheduled to be administered from August 31st  – September 18th.  In this unique time of all online learning, we have developed a standardized schedule to administer MAP to make sure that it is done uniformly across the system.  The administration window will be as follows.  Testing will begin at 9:00 AM each day.

Date Reading Math Language
August 31 (Monday) Practice MAP Sessions (completed by this date)
Sept 1 (Tuesday) X    
Sept 2 (Wednesday)   X  
Sept 3 (Thursday)     X

Make-up testing may be completed after the student tests on the same day or into the next week at the guardian’s request.  While these tests do not have a time limit, the average time spent by Harmony students in 2019 was just over one hour.  We urge our families to monitor their scholar(s) closely when they are taking this assessment to make sure that their scholar is taking their time, using their testing strategies, and putting forward their best efforts to ensure that we receive the most accurate data about your student.


Test Security

            During an in-person administration of this assessment, the test proctor is able to walk around the room to monitor each scholar and make sure that each scholar is taking their time and behaving responsibly.  In this new virtual setting, we are asking for your assistance in making sure that your scholar’s test is secure and they are following testing expectations such as the following

  • Make sure they have completed the technology check by August 26th
  • If your scholar is unfamiliar with the MAP testing platform, please have them complete the practice test by August 31st to help them become familiar with the platform. Additionally, ELA teachers will be going over MAP log-in and Zoom testing norms with students the week of August 24.
  • During the Zoom test administration, please monitor your scholar to make sure they are taking their time and using their testing strategies
  • During the Zoom test administration, please do not allow your scholar to have any other windows open on their computer other than their MAP test and their Zoom.
  • During the Zoom test administration, please do not allow your scholar to use any outside resources. Students are allowed to use dictionaries on the Reading test only.
  • During the Zoom test administration, please make sure that your scholar does not have access to their cell phone.



            For our scholars with documented supports needed for STAAR testing, we will implement those supports as much as possible for the corresponding MAP tests.


Troubleshooting and Additional Questions

For any troubleshooting or additional questions, please contact your Campus Testing Coordinator at



Parent Information for Fall 2020 NWEA MAP Administration