HPS Summer Leadership Camps is to provide high quality, diverse and accessible programs, services and facilities that enhance the quality of life for all ages, cultures, and abilities. There will be a university summer camp at St Thomas University located in Houston.
STEM Pioneers Summer Camp
Campers will be divided into 3 groups that will rotate through a full day of inquiry-based activities in each STEM field highlighted in the camp:
Biology, Chemistry/Biochemistry, and Math/Computer Science.
Biology activities will include the use of molecular biology and bioinformatics in forensics. The students will learn DNA isolation, gel electrophoresis, and computational sequence analysis.
Chemistry activities will involve investigations into chemical transformations and the energy changes associated with these, as well as hypothesis-driven experiments on enzyme activity.
Math/Computer Science activities will focus on virtual robot programming, computer automation programming exercises, and mathematically oriented group problem solving.
Young Diplomats: Global Affairs & Diplomacy Summer Camp
Professor Richard H. Sindelar III, assistant professor of International Studies and retired Foreign Service Officer (22 years).  He served in Israel, Egypt, Washington DC, Canada, Mexico, and Cuba.  Professor Eric Botts, adjunct professor of International Studies, cybersecurity consultant, and retired Foreign Service Officer (ten years).  He served in the Dominican Republic, South Korea, Ireland, Washington DC, and the Bahamas.
This camp culminates with training and implementation of a diplomacy simulation.  Students will be presented with a historical problem/conflict and, representing the relevant countries, factions, and/or international organizations, seek to reach a diplomatic solution.
Please visit the website for application and more information.